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Ultimate Guide to Hiring Welfare Units

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welfare unit provides self-contained facilities for employees at locations where there is no mains power, water or drainage.  With the option to hire towable, mobile welfare units and static welfare units, they make the perfect solution for construction sites or for workers in remote and ‘off-grid’ locations.

welfare units on hire for M5 motorway works

Our welfare units on hire for M5 motorway works

If you are considering which welfare unit hire is suitable for your project, this blog will help you understand the various options available and discover:

  • What are the welfare facilities you need to provide by law?
  • What are the different welfare options available and what do you need to consider
  • What is a portable welfare unit and what facilities does it include?
  • What sustainable options are available to hire?
  • How to hire a welfare Unit from A-Plant Accommodation.
  • Welfare unit with toilets and washing facilities

    Welfare unit with toilets and washing facilities

  • Temporary canteen facilities in an A-Plant Accommodation welfare unit

    Welfare units can be configured to include canteen and classroom facilities

What are the welfare facilities you need to provide by law?

Construction sites can be uncomfortable places to work. Workers can be exposed to the elements and may have to deal with rain, mud, and dust on a daily basis. As health and safety awareness in the construction industry continues to improve, so do the welfare standards that staff expect from their employers.

The law states that employers have a responsibility to their employees to provide safe and comfortable welfare facilities, providing somewhere for staff to rest, refresh, dry their clothes and prepare food. As we try to encourage more workers into the construction industry (and importantly make the construction environment more appealing to women) more emphasis is being placed on providing clean and comfortable welfare facilities.

For projects longer than 30 days, the contractor must ensure that no construction work starts until the appropriate welfare facilities have been established. The facilities must then be maintained throughout the life of the project. The Health and Safety Executive states that everyone who works on any site must have:

  • Access to adequate toilet and washing facilities;
  • A place for preparing and consuming refreshments;
  • Somewhere for storing and drying clothing and personal protective equipment.

(Click here for more information on The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996

Or course, the better the facilities you provide for staff, the more comfortable (and productive!) they will be. It makes real sense to provide a comfortable rest area that is large enough to comfortably accommodate your team and it is essential to keep these areas clean and well maintained throughout the life of the project. If the facilities provided are too small for the team, it will be much more difficult to keep them properly maintained.

By hiring welfare facilities from A-Plant Accommodation, you can be assured that all HSE regulations are being met and the unit provided will be clean and modern, with additional energy saving features. You will also benefit from the added reassurance that if anything goes wrong, our team will be there swiftly to provide support and prevent any delays to your project. If you have a project you want to bring to site quickly, our self-contained welfare units can be installed in just 30 mins, with all water and electric supplies ready to go!

Static welfare accommodation hire 32 x 9ft

Welfare units come in a range of different sizes to suit your requirements, our largest is 32 x 9 ft

What are the different welfare options available and what do you need to consider?

When planning which welfare unit is right for your project, it is wise to consider the following factors:

  • How many staff will need to use the welfare unit? Our range of welfare units can accommodate from 6-12 people and can be hired in different configurations to cater for the specific size of your team. Read more about the different options here:welfare unit hire options
  • Where will you locate the welfare unit? Do you have hardstanding available? If not, maybe a mobile welfare unit, such as the Groundhog towable unit, is a good option.
  • Will the unit need to be moved to various locations as the project progresses? A mobile welfare unit can be easily towed between sites and can be located in inaccessible locations where there is no specific ‘site’ compound.
  • Do you want to reduce the amount of CO2 produced on your project? The standard welfare units are self-contained with built in diesel generators, but if sustainability (or noise pollution!) is important on your project, the Eco Unit is partially battery powered and has a range of energy saving features such as PIR lighting and eco-flush toilets.
Mobile welfare unit hire

Mobile welfare units can be easily towed.

What is a portable welfare unit and what facilities does it include?

If you are managing a project that moves between various locations such as work on the highways or the railway, a portable welfare unit is a great option. The Groundhog mobile welfare unit doesn’t need a hardstanding and can be located in remote or inaccessible areas, making them very popular for projects with no specific ‘site’ location.

The Groundhog unit is a towable unit and efficient space planning means it can provide facilities for up to 6 people, whilst still meeting the requirements of the HSE. The mobile units can be operated by just one person and can be manoeuvred and secured into position in less than 3 minutes!

The Groundhog unit has a small kitchen area with hardwired kettle and microwave, and fresh and waste water containers. It has an on-board heating system to warm water and allow workers to wash, and a toilet which meets all hygiene regulations. The mobile welfare unit is made from steel and has high security shutter windows and secure nosecone technology to prevent it from being moved without authorisation.

What sustainable welfare unit options are available to hire?

The A-Plant Accommodation Eco Rated welfare unit offers significant reductions in fuel usage, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and ultra-low noise pollution. It continues to meet all the HSE regulations and provide a high standard of accommodation and comfort, whilst also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Rather than solely relying on a diesel generator, the Eco Rated Unit has a 12-volt battery on board to provide power for certain periods of the day or night. This unit can provide annual fuel savings of up to £2,000 based on units running five days a week for eight hours a day, and an impressive carbon dioxide emission saving of over 10,000kg per year!

How to hire from A-Plant Accommodation

How to hire a Welfare Unit from A-Plant Accommodation

When planning your project, call our team for advice about which welfare options is best suited to your requirements. Our team will always help to find the most cost-effective solution possible.

To hire site welfare facilities from A-Plant Accommodation, you will need to have an active credit account. This is a simple process that can be completed over the phone or in a service centre location. You will need to provide references and confirmation of insurances and then your credit account can be approved and activated within 24 to 48 hours! Once your account is set up, you can hire from any of the 10 A-Plant Accommodation service centres located throughout the UK and also access the thousands of other products available to hire from across the specialist A-Plant divisions.


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