Case Studies

Regional Centre for Sport, Dundee

A large accommodation complex was required in order to provide kitchen, toilet, dining, drying and office facilities for Balfour Beatty workers on the site, as well as sub-contractors and visitors to the site. It was important that the accommodation units provided were are environmentally efficient as possible, as well as providing a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

De-Installation of Temporary Accommodation

This accommodation complex was set-up on the Mulberry Court McCarthy & Stone Retirement Living Development which comprises a total of 25 one bedroom apartments and 15 two bedroom apartments.

Elvanfoot Substation

Remotely located in the Southern Uplands, Elvanfoot Substation transmits electricity from wind farms. The substation is open air and is situated within a four hectare compound.

Galliford Try

This was a high profile site with very high expectations and the temporary accommodation needed extensive office facilities and several welfare facilities including a canteen, a drying area, toilets, showers and stores for this Infrastructure project.

Kilmarnock South Substation

Kilmarnock South Substation is a high voltage substation which forms a crucial part of the Electricity Transmission Network in Scotland.