De-installation of temporary accommodation on McCarthy & Stone Retirement Living Development site

This accommodation complex was set-up on the Mulberry Court McCarthy & Stone Retirement Living Development which comprises a total of 25 one bedroom apartments and 15 two bedroom apartments.

  • A-Plant Accommodation Units to Hire
  • McCarthy and Stone Properties
  • Temporary Accommodation Units on site

Customer Name

McCarthy and Stone

Project Location

Blaby, Leicestershire


8 Months

Products Used

Accommodation complex comprising 2 x 21’ office units, 2 x 21 Eco Canteen Units, 1 x 13’ Shower/Dryer Unit, 1 x 16’ Portable Toilet Unit and 1 x 21’ Store

Several accommodation units were supplied by A-Plant Accommodation, comprising office units, shower/dryer units, a store, portable toilets and a canteen. The collection and de-installation of the accommodation complex highlighted extensive planning with sequences of collections and re-location of units, operating in the safest of manners.

The Challenge

The temporary accommodation units were surrounded by retirement homes in the process of being built. This left very limited space for a lorry loader to manoeuvre. It was a challenging de-installation, as the over-arching aim was to collect, de-install and relocate the units all in one day, however it was only possible to use one vehicle in and out of the site at any one time. It was important to cause as little disruption as possible for local residents and a hotel located adjacent to the site.

The Solution

In preparation for the de-installation, a site visit was carried out by A-Plant Accommodation and a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) complete with lift plan, detailing a sequence of events for the day, was prepared for both the A-Plant Accommodation Service Centre and the customer to adhere to.

The Results

The collection, de-installation and relocation of the units all went to plan in a day as planned, with minimal disruption and to the satisfaction of the client.

“This was a complex de-installation but A-Plant Accommodation were well prepared. Extensive planning was carried out at all stages from planning the operation to the day of de-installation – we’re clearly managed very well by all parties at A-Plant Accommodation.”

Scott Wetherbed, Contracts Manager, McCarthy & Stone