Delivery and Collection

Do you offer a delivery service?
Yes, when you arrange to hire our products a delivery address will be taken. Delivery and collection charges will be quoted at this time.

Can I return my equipment to an alternative Service Centre?
No, you must return to the same service centre the equipment was hired from.

What is my responsibility regarding off hire/collection?
All equipment will remain on hire until it’s collected, with the security and insurance remaining the responsibility of the hirer until it’s collected or returned by the hirer. Please contact the relevant A Plant Accommodation Service Centre and ensure you obtain an off-hire number.

Can I collect and return my order instead of having it delivered?
Yes - for some product types. Please discuss with the supplying A Plant Accommodation Service Centre.

What is the charge for delivery and collection? 
Rates for delivery and collection vary depending on location, you will receive a quote when you make your enquiry and/or place your order.

Do I need to clean the equipment before returning it?
We ask for all A-Plant Accommodation equipment to be returned in a similar condition to that as when it was delivered. A cleaning charge will be levied if equipment is returned dirty and damages will be charged for.