Products and Services

How easy is it to hire from A Plant Accommodation?
Contact one of our ten dedicated specialist accommodation service centres or simply contact our Customer Service team on 0370 050 0797.

What products types are available at A Plant Accommodation?
A-Plant Accommodation has a fleet in excess of 19,000 units and these include steel security stores, anti-vandal cabins for use as offices, drying rooms, canteens, meeting rooms, changing rooms or showers. Green specification ECO unit options are available, fire rated units for those safety critical areas and furniture packs are also available to suit site needs. To meet EH&S legislation, early start static and mobile welfare units, including serviceloos, are available to ECO specification.

I’m not sure what I need
With a nationwide team of experienced professionals, we can arrange for a no cost site visit to establish your exact needs and provide a full detailed quotation.

What about Insurance?
Customers are expected to have adequate insurance cover (fire, theft damage etc.) we can offer A-Guard. This is an insurance package designed to protect our customers against loss or damage to A-Plant equipment whilst out on hire, charged at only 15% of the hire rate. For further details please click here.

Can customers obtain training on how to use their hired equipment?We always put safety first! Our staff can provide training in the correct use of equipment. Customers must, however, ensure that the operator of the equipment is competent. For further information please click here, alternatively, please contact our training team on 0115 924 1349 or e-mail

What training courses do you offer?
A-Plant has always been the natural place to go for all your equipment rental needs, but you can also rely on us to help make sure your employees are correctly trained. To find our more, please click here, alternatively please call 0115 924 1349 or e-mail

How can I obtain a copy of your current Trade Catalogue?
Our latest Trade Catalogue is available to view from this website. Please click here. Alternatively, call 0370 050 0797 and a member of our Customer Service team will be happy to arrange to send you an up-to-date copy.

Trade Catalogue (PDF, 433 MB)