Landmark 5,000th Groundhog Delivery to A-Plant and Balfour Beatty

A-Plant has taken delivery of the 5,000th Groundhog Mobile Welfare Unit to be manufactured by Genquip Groundhog. Utilisation of the environmentally-efficient site accommodation units is so high at A-Plant that this landmark Groundhog unit has gone straight out on hire to Balfour Beatty for a contract with North Cabling in Leeds.

Landmark 5,000th Groundhog Delivery to A-Plant and Balfour Beatty

A-Plant’s Accommodation Division has a large hire fleet of Groundhog mobile welfare units and the 5,000th manufactured model is one of the latest GP360 Fusion units, representing the latest concept in 12V, environmentally-efficient technology. A 12ft, single axle unit which is easily towed and secured in less than three minutes by a single operator, it offers significant cost savings as the hot water and heating are supplied by an on-board system which does not require the generator to run.

A-Plant’s Director of Accommodation, Ian Needham said: “We are absolutely delighted that A-Plant has taken delivery of this landmark Groundhog unit and it’s fitting that we can celebrate this fact with Balfour Beatty, as they hire the largest quantity of Groundhog units from the A-Plant Accommodation fleet. We have been purchasing Groundhog and other accommodation units from Genquip for the past 10 years and we firmly believe they are best in class, offering quality and eco-friendly site accommodation.”

Balfour Beatty’s Plant Operations Manager, Sean Scarah said: “It’s great that we’re recipients of the 5,000th unit as we’ve been hiring Groundhogs from A-Plant since the unit’s inception. The GP360 Fusion provides comfortable and practical welfare accommodation on-site for our workforce, and it is environmentally-efficient with the ability to reduce CO2 emissions so it’s an ideal product for Balfour Beatty.”

The Groundhog GP360 Fusion unit is ideal for use by contractors, the utilities sector and for use on sites with limited access. Comprising a canteen area that can comfortably seat up to six people, it also features toilet facilities plus a generator/drying area. It is vandal resistant with high-security window shutters and double-lock doors. Based on the unit running 8 hours a day 5 days a week, the GP360 Fusion provides CO2 emission savings of over 17,335kg, minimum fuel savings of £2,000 and a further annual cost saving of £1,750 on generator servicing.

A-Plant Accommodation specialises in the provision of temporary site accommodation and is able to offer a full range of products from a single toilet through to a complete contractors’ village. The company has one of the largest hire fleets of temporary accommodation in the UK, with in excess of 16,000 units available from Service Centres nationwide.