Large Static Welfare Unit Hire

If you require secure welfare and office space with a large toilet area and facilities, then this is an ideal static unit. Available in a standard and eco specification, both can accommodate up to 12 people, and ensures you comply with Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations.

  • Groundhog static welfare unit

    Large static welfare unit

  • Large static welfare unit hire

    Drying Room & Kitchen

  • Canteen facilities within a Groundhog welfare unit

    Canteen Area

  • Large static welfare unit hire

    Office Area

  • Toilet Area

Offering anti-vandal features which include steel personnel double locking door systems and internally secured steel window shutters, provides all your on-site needs in one compact, cost effective package.

  • Standard Option - 32ft x 9ft
  • Eco Option - 32ft x 9ft