Welfare Vehicle Hire

Our Welfare Vehicle provides a comfortable rest area for your transient workforce with all-important heating, hand washing, eating, hot water and toilet facilities.

  • A-Plant Welfare Vehicle - Site Welfare
  • A-Plant Welfare Vehicle - Site Welfare

We have a range of site welfare vehicles available to hire, that are able to accommodate up to 8 people, including the driver. Welfare Vehicles are the ideal fully-equipped mobile staffroom, with robust, fully lined interior and legislation compliant parts.

The vehicles come fully-equipped with cooking facilities, charging sockets, a toilet, and washing facilities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates up to 8 people including the driver
  • Hot and cold running water in crew and toilet areas
  • Spray-lined toilet area fully-sealed and washable with hose or jet wash
  • Safety and welfare equipment includes Glass Hammer, First Aid Kit, Grab Handles, Anti-slip Flooring, Fire Extinguisher
  • 12v Charging Sockets
  • Toilet area can be used to dry clothing (Water Heater also provides hot air)
  • 25 Litre cassette-type toilet
  • Optional fridge
  • LED Roof Beacons x2

For more information, please contact us on: 01332 382275 or email.